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  • Re: NEW YEAR'S EVE SPECIAL: Queery for the Bored

    There’s a NEW Oregon?
    The NEW Oregon has a HEAD coach named Crystal Balls. His mentor was Linda Lovelace. She taught him all he needs to know to really UP his game, to take his recrooting all in, to a NEW deeper level.
  • Re: Hey Quook

    Oregon's class looks like a Helfrich class. Just a bunch of trash propped up by some overrated 4-stars most of which will underwhelm in college.
    Hang yourself with your husband's sweatpants.
    The usual response when confronted with the new reality of Oregon football.
    Oregon is now a national power and is here to stay. Get used to it doog. Things change. No one gives a shit about the one year in your 128 year football history where you were good enough to be voted half a natty alongside another team you never played for the title. Win a playoff game then popoff. Play in your first title game then pop off. Until then, fuck off.

  • Re: PM to Oregon

    Oregon folded their program last night. I was laughing at first and then I was getting angry. What the fuck were duck fans watching to want to give that guy more time let alone a ride back to Eugene? The effort of the entire team was offensive

    It's LIPO, until it isn't LIPO. Either he wins and gets hired by Florida. Or loses and gets fired at by the same laser beam that took out Slingblade.
    Sure it’s LIPO. Still doesn’t change everything he does reeks of Sark.
  • Re: Oregon in at #17

  • Re: Oregon in at #17

    They don't have anywhere close to the best Oline in the PAC what are you smoking?
    Infinitely more football knowledge than you. No one plays the same five guys and takes a week off between plays. The Ducks have 10 guys that would make every team in America's rotation. So, by Pac-12 standards that makes them the best line in the conference by default.

    Are there individual guys that might be better than someone on Oregon's line? Sure, but no one plays "run it behind the one big guy" anymore.

    Stanford of course is the exception to all of this, but their style of play also fucks them.
    UW's oline is 10x better than yours you fucking retard.
    UW's O-line is better than Oregon's. So is Stanford's, USC's, UCLA's, Colorado's, and most likely Utah's and WSU's ..... along with a truck load of other O-lines in the B1G, SEC, ACC and BIG12.

    Quookster47 is struggling with the early stages of denial. 4-8 is reality. So is 2 - 7. So is 21 - 70. That said, I do think Oregon's offense can be very good overall. Their real problems are on the other side of the ball. That should improve with the new staff. How much? We'll see. Reality says this is a LIPO situation for the Ducks, but quooks gonna quook and that's a lot more fun than LIPO.