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  • Re: Washington Post rips the antifa idiots

    Excellent piece Boobs from a quality, reputable, news source.
    I don't know what's more pathetic, Boobs turning in his black scarf or he actually paying to be a WaPost subscriber.
    I'm giving Boobs props for linking a good piece from a reputable, albeit center-left newspaper. They have good reporters and the op-ed page has a wide array of view points. This chart is pretty accurate in my view.


  • Re: Would you Bloom for Michael?

    IMHO, Bloomberg is the 2nd most qualified candidate after Kasich.

    The country needs a smart, moderate president who can work with Congress and yet the brain-dead can't stop looking at Trump / Sanders

    Bloomberg certainly has the executive experience the lawmakers in the field lack. I do think, though, it will take the realistic prospect of a Trump v Sanders general election for him to get into the race, and I still don't see that happening. IMO, Hillary will win the democrat party nomination, and most likely, Cruz will win the republican nomination.
    I used to think it would be hillary. but as she loses momentum and the idea of an indictment becomes more of a possibility I'm having more trouble seeing it.
    Trump is gonna be the GOP nominee unless he drops out, it's sad but the reality
    Trump is a "populist" who has brought some important issues to the forefront and he delivers his "message" in an anti-PC way that appeals to those who are sick and tired of PC bullying. But IMHO, his bombastic arrogance and persona will eventually wear thin. In fact prominent conservatives have been against him from the beginning, a number of them going so far as to skewer him in a recent issue of National Review. His polling numbers have the establishment running scared, that is for sure, they do fear he could win the nomination, but this show has run it's course before, with the populist candidate eventually being overrun by someone in the field who is more traditional, more presidential. We'll see.

    Sanders is a left wing loon playing the "populist" card as well. Red meat for those easily manipulated by class warfare and interested in a massive paternalistic form of federal government full of "free stuff". He is a self described socialist who would normally have no chance, but Hillary is a terrible candidate, essentially running on a Bern light platform. She still has a substantial lead over the Bern in nearly all national polls, but as you point out, she also has an indictment hanging over her head. Bernie wins the nomination if she is indicted, otherwise, IMO, Hillary will carry enough of the primary vote outside the far left regions to win the nomination.

    We'll see how this plays out. Bloomberg is no fan of Sanders, in fact a Sanders nomination might be enough to get him in the race. If both Trump and Sanders are the nominees, I'd say it's a near certainty that Bloomberg throws his hat in the ring. He'd have a damn good chance at winning in a general election under those circumstances and I'm sure he finds that appealing.
  • Re: Southern Miss WAREAGLE Forum

    "A good Pac 12 team" LOL
    That's not a compliment. The PAC12 sucks and has for a long time.
  • Re: How bad is Wyoming?

    Wyoming is Portland State bad
  • Re: Something that's being pondered re: Hardcore Husky

    For brevity rename the "Keeley Hazell Members Only Jacket Free Range Porn Bored" the @Swaye bored and give @Swaye full administrative privileges for that bored. You could easily charge $9.99 a month for access to that bored alone.