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  • Re: Florida Professor Calls MILO a White Nationalist With Amazing Results

    What say the gay black-dick guzzling Jews here?

    (wood smash Aryanna)
    Aryanna politely smashed her professor, exposed him as a complete tool in a creative and effective way. Instant classic. Refreshing and encouraging. Good to see young people capable of thinking for themselves.
  • Re: Fuck I pressed the button of doom again.

    Deficits don't matter until they do. We've never reached that point in our modern but to act like it can't happen is beyond FS. We only get to borrow on the cheap because the rest of the world still believes in the full faith and credit of the US Government. If that changes we fuct biggy.

    We have a fundamental problem in this country in that we want way more in benefits than we are willing to pay for them. And it's not just the fault of 'po people sucking off the guvmint tittays.

  • Re: Interim AD Jen Cohen

    At the time, there was zero evidence besides Doog hearsay that she was even competent. The AD was in the red 15 million, the football team had one top 25 season in 14 years, the marketing was gid awful (crazy larry, Franz animal cracker promotion, and Romar was floundering despite possessing NBA talent. She was a hefty middle aged in house promotion from a p.c. university and an a. dept. that created all that. There was all the reason in the world to be skeptical.
    This. And the Woody and Prezbo hires. At the time, there was no reason to think the hire was motivated by anything other than laziness and political correctness. Which, by the way, is the most damaging downside of affirmative action and political correctness. They lead to their own form prejudice.

    That said, mea culpa times 10. I was dead wrong about her, she's done a great job, best AD at UW since Mike Lude. Cheers to Jen.

    And Jenny, I can be sexted at 867-5309 if you want show a little love. Just sayin.
  • Re: If you elect the "King of Debt" what happens

    Trump is a fiscal conservative in the Reagan mold. Reducing deficits isn't what fiscal conservatism is about.

    Reagan did actually care about deficits and when he saw too much red ink as a result of his tax cuts and increased defense spending, he did enact changes to the tax code to "broaden the base" and increase revenues. "Read my lips" Bush 41 raised revenue as well and it didn't hurt the economy.

    A little misleading. Reagan did not have control of congress, he did what he could under those circumstances. He cared about deficits and was regretful for bargaining with the dems to get his tax cuts passed in exchange for allowing them to tie tax cuts to spending increases that outpaced the increase in revenues realized by the tax cuts. If he had control of congress, there would have been real spending cuts in lieu of tax code changes to "broaden the base".
  • Re: RIP to the DNC

    “As the DOJ emphasized to Chairman Nunes, the decision to employ an obscure and never before used House rule to release classified information without DOJ and FBI vetting was ‘extraordinarily reckless.’ The selective release and politicization of classified information sets a terrible precedent and will do long-term damage to the Intelligence Community and our law enforcement agencies. If potential intelligence sources know that their identities might be compromised when political winds arise, those sources of vital information will simply dry up, at great cost to our national security.

    My buddy, both a former navy pilot and right-leaning libertarian, was pretty bent out of shape about this untimely release.

    I wish it wasn't the case, but it casts a significant pall over credibility of the memo. No matter how true (I think) it is in principle.

    It also isn't stretch think the DOJ/FBI castigation of the memo is incentivized by the need to cover their own asses.

    All that said, Jeff SessionsFS is a steaming pile of shit.
    Disagree. The memo is more credible WITHOUT DOJ/FBI "vetting." What exactly do they need to 'vet.' They have shown they can't be trusted, it wasn't acceptable to give them a chance to doctor the memo.

    Agree. Jeff Session is a piece of shit. Declaring war on stoners is FS.
    Fair poont, however for my buddy it is more about order of operation and chain of command.

    He very much thinks HRC should be sitting in a federal gulag, for decades, for how she handled classified material.
    The problem with your buddy's logic is it assumes the top of the chain is moral and upstanding and absolutely without question truthful.

    And, frankly, with Comey at the top, I can't say that with absolute certainty. If it was Mad Dog Mattis' integrity being questioned, your buddy might have a case. Comey, not so much.

    Therefore, there are are checks and balances established within the system - including executive oversight and congressional review.

    Whether you are right or left is irrelevant in a system that was established agnostic of both

    But that is the point. Agnostically speaking, HRC should be rotting in jail.
    Well, see also the comment above about the chain of command having integrity.

    When the heads are corrupt at all levels, you're pretty much fucked.

    And I"m looking at Pelosi, HRC/Obama and Loretta Lynch specifically.

    Fucking bitches.

    Obama and company weaponized the DOJ, FBI and IRS. Fucking bitches is right.