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  • Re: Chip to Florida (my guess)

    Seems like chip has an actual proven (atleast in college) system. Would be interesting to see if that system works with that talent in that conference.
    System's don't last long in that conference. Urban Meyer's sudden illness was from a realization that his schtick was up. The whole getting past Saban thing combined with very high expectations meant door.ass.out sooner than later.
  • Re: PM to ThomasFremont

    How the fuck did we lose to ASU?
    ..... and Brownsocks.
    I blame babushka for Downsox's regression. Kid has not improved at all from last year
    Fair enough, but the brown in his socks seems to be linked to his DNA. Not sure that can be coached out of him.
    By now, babushka should know what downsox is good at and what he isn't good at. Putting a player in position to succeed is part of coaching.
    He’s good at handing the ball off. And once they put 8-9 in the box, he can take a shot to Pettis.

    If we get away from the last two weeks, Pete is an idiot. Run the ball, lean on the D, and wear teams out. When it clicks, we win 38-3. When it doesn’t, we win 21-10, which is what the ASU game should have been.

    I think Pete realizes the situation. It’s unfortunate it came after a loss, but we have only thrown the ball 30 times the past two weeks.

    Score 21+ points. There might not be a team in the country that could beat us if that happens.
    You think Peterman has caught on?

    Babushka still has his job.
    Could be in title only. The UCLA game did not have Babushka's fingerprints on it. Neither did most of the Oregon game. I like @RoadDawg55 's hot take on this. We'll see if it carries over. If so, this team wins out.
  • Re: ruh roh


  • Re: Yer Favorite UW Alumni Singing "Bow Down" on the Husky Stadium Jumbotron

    BGS would mean he would be more likely to open the pocket book for facilities and coffee cups and the like.
    In some ways, I am somewhat glad BGJ isn't and alumni and into to football. Not sure we want to be a school like T. Boone Pickens OSU or Nike U so beholden to one single Uber booster.
    Perfect first loser setup.
    Meaning I'm making loser talk or "they" (i.e., Okie State or Oregon) are the first losers?
    The latter. Both programs, uber booster financed and controlled, neither better than first loser. Poor atempt at Sarkasm on my part.

    Money is required to build a program and there is no doubt that both of those programs are far better off with uber booster money. Neither program is a traditional football power, they were elevated with money from billionaires. Getting over the hump takes a bit more. A top-shelf coaching staff and compelling reasons for some of the best players in the country to go to a particular program are needed. Those things may or may not be easier when the program is under the control of a single uber booster. So far I would say the jury is out on that. So far neither of those programs has attracted a Pete Carroll or a Nick Saban or an Urban Meyer, etc and neither has recruited at a level consistent with programs like USC, Alabama, Ohio State, etc, even given the vast monetary resources they have at their disposal. From a program perspective they are both in great shape but they're not at the so-called Elite level even with so-called Elite level funding. So, you may be onto something. It may turn out that it's healthier to have the vast majority of an athletic department's revenues come from a mix of rabid well-heeled alumni and fans rather than primarily from a single source that has too much control. I don't know, but it's easy to over analyze these kinds of things and in the end it probably just comes down to having the right people in place.
  • Re: Yer Favorite UW Alumni Singing "Bow Down" on the Husky Stadium Jumbotron

    Poll invalid without Ted Bundy.

    People forget he was a Husky. People forget that.
    He would have a hard time singing, being dead and all.