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  • Re: Testimonial from a poster who just donated

    Let him know we have two blacks, one woman, a jew, and a token red.

  • Re: Told you fuckers months ago Haener is going to push browning

    All I'll say about Jake Haener is I've seen his Mom naked. So I'm a fan.
    checking the wig now
    Pre-cell phones. No pix. Pity. She was pretty cute in college.
  • Re: Well boobs

    I hate the LA Times, viscerally. But, I hate Amazon even more so I will link this:

    I know I am one of the few who hates them. Most people have embraced the sit on your ass and get shit for cheap while interacting with nobody while data centers track everything about you and that clown Bezos flies shit to your house via drone and "you shouldn't complain because this is the march of progress and capitalism is working as intended" masses grovel at the feet of "free" (as if anything is really and truly free) shipping and Amazon Prime as the new gospel for the modern age. Me, I guess I am just a Luddite and not "with it" enough for modern life but I don't give a fuck. Half the old shops in Winchester are closed or closing...the Wal Mart hangs will be difficult to terminate, but give it 5 years. Bezos has a plan. Soon, I won't be able to get anything anywhere other than Amazon and I guess that makes lots of people happy but fuck all of those people because I'm not one of them. I am just some idiot who still likes that quaint notion of touching and seeing shit before I buy it, and warranty's that are guaranteed by someone you might actually know, and providing jobs in a community, and not the drone worker jobs in fulfillment centers where army's of slack jawed high school dropouts and immigrants buzz around while being monitored for efficiency lest they be fired for not filling orders quickly enough all while getting shit benefits and lousy pay. Ah yes, Amazon, defender of capitalism and America's sloth. Fuck it all.

    Upon reflection, I should have made that rant into multiple paragraphs.
  • Re: This is a GOOD Washington team


    Still got to win two tough games in California.
    Not gonne lie, I've got this weird 1982 vibe thing going with the Apple Cup. WSU as season killer giving them a reason to live, besides fucking their sisters, for the next decade and a half.
  • Re: OFFICIAL Huskies-Ducks Game Thread

    Games so boring that I switched it over to UFC 217 midway through. Oregon officially a cupcake opponent
    Looking forward to what GSP does myself. It is actually on here in Singapore.