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  • Re: Alabama vs auburn

    blockquote class="Quote" rel="tenndawg">Most Bama "fans" have nothing to do with the state and / or the university, and try to add meaning to their wretched little lives by feigning association with a winning program

    And those who are associated with the state and / or university are often rabid @$$holes who seems to think they are somehow made superior by being linked to Bama football

    Outright mental defectives either way

    A 2 loss Auburn team playing a 2 loss Ohio State team in the playoffs would be espeshelly speshell

  • Re: A simple twist of fate

    I was watching the game Saturday on DVR delay after being traumatized the week before being forced to sit through the whole televised shit show of our going down in flames. The commercial breaks were longer than the time the DAWGS could hold onto the ball.

    So at any rate The Drive flames out at 4 minutes with a chopper crash short of the line on 4th down. I'm drunk, high and pissed so I say to myself fuck this lets see who won as in UTAH fucking beat us at home. As I check my phone the winning FG is posted.

    Now I am intrigued. We gave up the ball at 4 minutes and somehow score 10 points to win? We hadn't stopped UTAH much all night but we did? I enjoyed the rest of the broadcast so much I watched it twice.

    This funk that settled in at ASU and has remained through a 2-2 stretch that should have been 1-3. Two things give me hope.

    1. Despite how retarded Browning looked and the little fact that he failed on 4th down again, his chopper ride was so much more than the curled up fetus look he tried at Stanford on 4th down, that I think it actually fired up his team a bit. Like, hey he's still a retard but no longer a pussy! Then he leads the drives to 10 points. Baby steps.

    2. Winning is always better than losing. I don't recall a game under Petersen that had this kind of a twist ending. Where we won a game we so clearly deserved to lose. The kids seemed really happy at the end. This can only help the confidence going forward.

    All that being said, Jake Browning sucks but we're stuck with him. He seems to enjoy the Apple Cup. Let's roll.

    10 wins is devalued but when the graphic on the screen says Clemson has 7 straight ten win seasons nobody stops to say which ones were 10-4 and which ONE was the national title. Recruits and their parents look at that shit.

    And lets not forget that no matter how EASY it is to win 10 games these days UW managed NOT to until last year. Its a process and if you don't like it take it up with Pete or Nick.

    I think that might have been a bigger win that we think now. I think our DAWGS better get used to teams giving every thing they have to beat us? It's all part of growing.

    Big dogs like Bama have played 44 games the last three years heading into this season. With a target. It is mentally and physically draining. You have to have a way to cope or you're just another one hit wonder.

    Fuck off
  • Re: Apple Cup

    It's sad how far these boreds have fallen that quality trolling goes unappreciated hear
    Please to be showing me where the quality trolling is in this thread.
  • Re: Fun with Weapons

    Typical misunderstood white guy shooter.
  • Re: OFFICIAL Roy Moore pedophilia thread

    I guess being the official HH Alabama "Barometer" it does feel like Doug Jones has a shot now. I didn't say he would win so don't twist.

    If Moore had cheated on his wife he would be fucking toast
    . Cruising 14 year old tang is much less egregious in the region.

    To me this has the feel of Donnie talking about grabbing beav on the bus. It's bad, but not bad enough.
    President Trump