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  • Re: An Analytical Approach to the Best and Worst Poasters

    Im actually just the expression of an algorithmic program learning to conform to HH culture. Ask @NSA_Dawg, there's a reason he's not on the list.
  • Re: UW CAL bball game thread

    Like a hello kitty gone wrong.
    We need a hoops Grundle
    Once upon a tim i made my own gifs. Then they became so prevalent i stopped. Im sure i could again.
  • Furious Five FUpdate or Bruce Wayne's Sloppy Seconds

    Back in December DDY Wrote

    "So, right now we are in an odd state as a program. We are doing 'pretty well' this recruiting class, but we are clearly a tier down from teams that get consistently good players like Bama, etc."

    Our state moving forward according to DDY was significantly tied to signing the "Furious Five". That turned out like this so far.

    1. Togiai (DDY3) tOSU Bagman & a Fat Fuckface Coach
    2. Gordon (DDY3) STAYING HOME!!!
    3. Kaho (DDY3) [As it stands, the only guy I think we have a DECENT chance with is Kaho.]~DDY called it
    4. Irvin (DDY3) 81% chance he comes to UW
    5. Tremblay (DDY2) The continued plungering by Marlon, USC's classic Ivan pitch, "So many of our players get injured you'll definitely get early playing time."

    So far we've got 2/5 with a high probability of going 3/5 by Feb. This would mean that we have crossed the threshold that DDY established of "If we, somehow, manage to pull 3 of these guys... you will know shit is REALLY changing."

    DDY also wrote "If, we somehow manage to land all these guys, we will be in rarified air. This will be a class that we put a spike in the ground on and say 'that's when our program changed'. But to do that, we are going to have to turn into a team that fucks. " This obviously can't happen. What I'm curious about though is if and how our remaining targets could affect the outlook on the class.

    Here's a list of the most likely candidates still on the radar:

    Most Likely
    Jeremiah Martin
    D.J. Johnson
    Skinny Eason
    Jackson Cravens

    Poly Bowl Bruddah's
    Tuli Letuligasenoa
    Solomon Tuliaupupu
    Merlin Robertson

    Underwear Mission Kids
    Tennessee Pututau
    Tanner McKee

    If Irvin signs and we land another two of these guys are we putting a spike in the ground? Which two would be the most impactful? Would it take all four of our most likely? How many would we take max?

    TLDR Even though the chick we were talking to went home with Bruce Wayne for the night the girl he was banging in the bathroom just stumbled back to the bar at 1:45. Are we going to try and close on some sloppy seconds?