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  • Re: More Penn State fans have registered for HH since game finished than they did in previous month

    I'm just here for a quick minute to respond to this collection of trashy, degenerate, double-digit-IQ, Trump-supporting, paycheck-to-paycheck-living, rape joke enthusiasts.

    You were simply outclassed yesterday, on and off the field. Our fanbase had to travel almost twice the distance and still brought more fans to the game. Several of your players were noticeably jawing and shoving after every other play in the first quarter. It was embarrassing, and speaks volumes of how undisciplined your coaching staff is and/or the type of kids you recruit. Trashy. The only reason they stopped was because you were getting your teeth kicked in. I don't need to go into detail about this point, because you all know by now that some subpar officiating, timely turnovers, and a trick play was the only reason you made the score look respectable. Outside of that, outclassed.

    Despite this, I was honestly going to come here to congratulate your fanbase on a great game, but about 2 minutes of browsing this board and....yikes. Now I'm almost surprised the approval process for this board did not require some combination of proof of income <50k, IQ <100, support of Trump, registered sex offender, etc. Kind of ironic, this board is a perfect reflection of what we saw on the field yesterday - classless antics from some classless individuals. Inferior.

    Carry on now, rhythmic slapping cunt waffles, or whatever sweet usernames you guys are rocking. Imagine waking up every day and engaging in conversation with the people that frequent here. It's almost as hysterical as it is sad.

    We Are.....BETTER!