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  • Re: Trump Wednesday morning meltdown OFFICIAL game thread

    Would have been no contest. Bulls would have demolished them, no different than any other of the teams they faced in the championship.
    I don't think you watched a lot of basketball.
  • Crapple Cup, USA

    It's sad to see how far political society has fallen. Sure, the Dems went 0-12 with Trump, but the GOP are going full cuog and getting license plates made instead of accepting the reality that racists, pedophiles, and other pieces of human garbage have lead them to a sterling 1-11. Sadly, whoever we get next is just going to be Sark or Leach. And we deserve it.
  • Re: PM to the Bored. Timeouts coming for some of you out here

    Is Reveille there Perroni? I am really interested to see if Reveille and Fisher have a natural bond and if Fisher willingly reaches out. Reveille is a huge part of our University and football program so if she has an instant affinity for Coach Fisher I think that will speak volumes to our recruits. If you could, please take and post video of their initial encounter. Any still shots of Coach Fisher petting Reveille would also be appreciated - would prefer if taken from side so I can see as much as possible of both their faces.
  • Re: Special Teams Anal-ysis

    To be fair. WSU had punts of 18 and 9 yards.
    Fuck that, our kicker hasn't made a field goal since Jesus walked the earth. God help him when the pressure is on and we actually need one to win or loose a game
    He's not the kicker any more.
    Since when? That motherfukcer missed another one last night.
    Take his scholarship away. One job all summer long. Obviously he was getting too much poon
    Since he didn't kick again after the 1st quarter.
  • Re: Malik Langham, 2018 DE, Huntsville, AL (Offered)

    For the South there was a lot of protecting State's rights and the fact that Washington was tied to advancing the industrial North versus the far more agricultural South ...

    Free versus Slave was an issue but only to effect that it was the North dictating to the South how they should handle their business ...

    I'm far from advocating slavery (in fact to the contrary) but with the way farms, etc were in those times (heavy manual labor), that's what it was.

    Slavery goes back way back into history and was generally what happened to a people when conquered by others in war ...

    It's easy to go back and retro QB ... but times were far different than ... we've advanced significantly in the 150 years since then ... just like we will 150 years from now
    Ah yes, I remember a young, scrappy United States conquering Africa.