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  • Re: Took a long walk

    Along the beach today in Maui for perspective. Couldn't find any. Lots of MILFs though.
    Kihei? Ho'okipa? Lahaina? Wailea? Ka'anapali?

    Where are these MILFs?
    Black Rock?
    Didn't see too many black rocks. Out near all the Westin mega timeshares. Seriously 2 of 3 moms here are Milftastic. It's like one Mrs Heaner after another.
  • Took a long walk

    Along the beach today in Maui for perspective. Couldn't find any. Lots of MILFs though.
  • Re: I now realize that

    Now that we have a competent coach, and no he isn't a genius, he's a football coach for fucks sake, the ability to recruit top talent actually matters since this staff has coached up the dreck that was left behind and developed the scrappy hard working recruits that they have got so far.

    Speaking to Pete's competency, did you know that since we righted the ship post 2015 ASU debacle, we haven't lost a program with inferior overall talent (i.e., # of 4 stars or higher on the roster in comparison with us which is 28 for 2017).

    Post 2015 ASU

    Oregon - 23 x 4 stars for 2017: Pete is 2-0

    ASU - 25 x 4 stars for 2017: 1-1

    Stanford - 27 x 4 stars 2017: 1-1

    UCLA - 40 x 4 stars for 2017: 1-0

    USC and Bamma (it's a lot): 0-2

    So our only losses have come against teams with roughly equal or vastly more NFL type talent. If we can get to that 40 x 4 stars number with a good QB, the evidence suggests Pete is competent enough that we pull away from ASU, Stanford, etc. and don't piss aways games to them on the road.

    P.S. - I looked all this up on the TSIO Mobile App.
  • Re: Hey fags

    We're not ucla.
    The scoreboard said as much.

  • Re: Looks like we win rather easily, say 35- 17

    And apparently CU never came out and scored on their first drive against us

    Kim Grinolds - CEO (6-0)

    This could possibly be the first time Washington trails on the scoreboard since Rutgers. It will be interesting to see how they handle it. I expect a close game until midway third and then UW will close the game out after wearing ASU down in the desert.

    PREDICTION: Washington 35-17
    That can't be real. Can it?
    I kid you not.