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  • Re: Kal iiif ornnnnniaaaaa

    I will give cash to pan handlers at times just because we could all use a drink now and then but if I am serious about helping I agree with you and give to places that provide a way out and up along with a meal.

    When a woman and her kids has to LEAVE an abusive spouse and has nowhere to go it tugs at my cold heart. There are people that do need help.
    Exactly. Most of us are willing to lend a hand through the tax code (or charity) to those in need but not to keep enabling stupid and shitty behavior. When the City of Seattle was talking about setting up speshial bum RV parking lots, the cost was going to be $1700 per month per vehicle. For fucking Christ's sake, you rent them a 2 bedroom palace of a condo in Tacoma for that amount.
  • Re: Kal iiif ornnnnniaaaaa

    Race needs to go tell them that there is affordable housing out in Fontana, if they're willing to commute
    Typical misguided thinking

    The poor and homeless should get "incentives" to get the fuck out of Anaheim and go to Fontana and let those that can afford Anaheim live there without someone taking a dump in their front yard

    The incentive is get the fuck out
    The YellowSnow platform calls for a cot and 3 squares a day at the Bum Warehouse. Free counseling, job training, etc. too. Trade off is no hard drugs (not sure on booze) and it's located out in the low rent district- e.g., Fontana. BUT if you set up a tent in the high rent district and panhandle the tourists, we'll gonna knock heads and run your ass out of town. You don't get to have it both ways you fucking bums.
  • Re: Jon Wilner implies Pac 12 should just crown UW in 2018 already

    Stanford doesn't play on the road any better than we? do. This is turning into a home field game. I like our chances
    Technically we are always the home team against Stanford.
    This is the most overplayed bored meme out there. Yeah, Stanford's home crowd sucks. They still play significantly better at Stanford than they do at the road. Fuck, they have the longest streak in the country of wins over top 10 teams at home. There's more to home field advantage than just crowd noise.

    Playing Stanford in Montlake >>>>>> Playing them in Palo Alto.
    AND as much shit as we give Wilner, he did call our loss on the farm in 2017 for this very reason.
  • Re: Jon Wilner implies Pac 12 should just crown UW in 2018 already

    Taft pic too small, IMO
    Agree. He was 300 lbs of Gilded Age Republican. A Taft pic will always be too small to do the man justice.
    He looks skinny compared to Trump
    Better golfer too.

  • Re: A blackeye for Washington IMO

    Old school Ted played by a bRuin

    I WOOD definitely prefer to get in a dark panel van with Mark Harmon over Zac Efron. No contest.