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  • Re: Jon Wilner implies Pac 12 should just crown UW in 2018 already

    The Hotline will state it front, center and unequivocally, even if few want to hear it and even fewer believe it:


    Washington represents the Pac-12’s best hope, by far, for reaching the College Football Playoff next season.

    We’ll stake out that ground now — not because it’s seven-and-a-half months until the season opener but because it’s one day past the NFL Draft deadline:

    The framework for all 12 rosters has now been set, barring a few graduate transfers and impact signees.

    This is our? best hope?

    Sigh. All that being said Jake Browning Sucks Jake Browning can and should be able to win every game on this schedule excepting Auburn most likely.
  • Re: Short list of white shitholes

    Why do you hate Pullman?
  • Re: Hi Kim!

    I haven't been to Dwags hoops game in like 5 years. Might jump on the bandwagon soon. The chick Dwag hoops games though are great, cheap entertainment on rainy days for little kids. Mrs Snow who was a solid D I starter provides great color commentary.
  • Re: Why does everyone give a fuck about Trump's shit holes?

    @Swaye I don't put you as a Trump dick sucker like Race. And I really don't give a shit if Trump calls them shit holes. However, people in those countries do care. Do you think at this point in time, we really need to alienate our country from literally every other country in the world? Except Norway I guess.
    There is no evidence that Trump spoke this truth and Swaye pointing out that it is true has nothing to do with your fantasies about sucking dick

    I don't know anything about Durbin but I would take almost anyone's word over the Stable Genius, who has zero credibility and proven to be a pathological liar

    Do you think those countries are shitholes?
    I wouldn't know, I've never been. You're missing the point though. The outrage isn't that he insulted the countries, it's that he said "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" which is basically saying "why are we letting more brown people in?". While I'm sure you and your fellow Troomps share the same sentiment, that is a ridiculous statement for the president to make in a formal meeting.
    Hiding behind ignorance isn't a good look. Simple question - are they shitholes or not?

    That's the point

    He didn't say anything about brown people in what he may or may not have said

    Calling me and Trump voters racist is all you really care about. It won't work any better next time than it did last time

    Its you that has the focus on skin color for the reason the place is a shithole.
    It's funny that you continue to deny that Troomps are racist. While you're not as blatantly racist as others, look at your fellow deplorable Troomps on this board who are openly racist - OBK, Sledog, doogie, pawz, etc. You are the company you keep.

    So back to the Stable Genius, why do you think he questions why we should let more immigrants in from the "shithole" countries if it's not the color of their skin?
    Let me tell you something kid. I've experienced a lot of real racism over the last 35 years. Its probably the only issue I actually take seriously here.

    I don't care if some ignorant twit like you calls me a racist. I care about the devaluation of racism by the left. If everything is racist nothing is and the racists get an excuse to ignore the remaining real racism left here.

    The democrats need to actually put forward a platform to help all Americans including minorities rather than running on the GOP is racist and so are their voters so vote for us!

    Hillary had no answers so she sat home and let Trump take the 3 states he needed. He's doing things for this economy that will get him reelected. Nothing from the dems but more cries of racism. Its all you have.

    Trump and others have been clear that American immigration policy should help America. It has nothing to do with color. It has to do with skills and the ability to self support once here.

    @creepycoug 's happy janitor notwithstanding

    I don't disagree with that at all. I also tend to accept it as a reality of life.

    Guess what? People dislike other people for all manner of sane, rational, smart, stupid, insane, irrational, biased and other reasons. It's the way it is. I don't take it personally, but I don't pretend it's not there either.
    In my opinion the best we can do is get equal treatment under the law, equality in employment and housing, and the elimination of other institutional racism that effects lives.

    If the standard is to get everyone thinking equality we'll never get there. The point about white racism is the historical institutions that were tainted by it.

    But your right, all sorts of different races hate other races and everyone hates whitey. So there's that.

    My point is the dems need a better campaign than calling everyone racist. It really does water it down to a meaningless thing. Because elections are about public policy and economic policy should benefit the most Americans regardless of race. A tax cut is not racist. How stupid does that look in print yet that's one of the arguments against it.
    If Trump just focused on the economy, people would like him.
    He is...large, unregulated immigration has been one of the main drivers in keeping wages down across all skill fronts.

    You think most people are going to hear 'Trump wants to limit immigration from "shithole" countries' and think 'hummm, that's not a good idea?'

    Better enjoy the hysteria for the next couple of days...Monday could be interesting.

    Large, unregulated immigration has been one of the main drivers in keeping wages down across all skin fronts too. Large, unregulated immigration is racist because it primarily adversely affects minorities already living in the US.
    If that were true, so be it. But it's not. It affects fourth generation Americans who were raised by people who can't get it done. So sorry for them. I grew up in a town full of that shit: they're mediocre and clueless, and were raised that way. Look at Salemcoog, and how he fumbles and bumbles his way around here. Exhibit A. Can you imagine him competing in a competitive labor pool?

    But I don't care. However they got there, they're a net drag and I'm not going to pay enough for them to mow my lawn so they can have "comparable benefits" and "have a working wage" and live like I (pretend to) do. At that price, I'll mow it myself. Fortunately, I haven't mowed my lawn in 10 years.

    A flaw in your argument, Creep, is that is doesn't take into account the ginormous social costs of having such a large percentage of low skilled, blue collar natives dropping out of the work force. It may cost you less to have the roofing company hire hardworking Jose to put new shingles on your house, but you're still paying hurty back, white guy's disability. We need to get the natives that can and should be working back into the labor force before we open the gates. That they don't want to work simply means we've made it too easy for them not to.
    While I was sympathetic to Bill the Butcher, it's mostly because I think Daniel Day Lewis is a good fucking actor. Otherwise, the nativist isn't my side. I much prefer the scrappy new comer.

    Besides, there's this assumption that I'm only focused on low skilled labor. I have no problem with brown immigrants from another shithole who aren't so low skilled. Bring as many Indians here as Microsoft can handle. I'm not worried; my kids are good at math.

    If we run out of low skilled jobs, and if we tighten the dole (for domestic and immigrant people alike), then they won't come. It's really simple. If you let economics play out, it's really fucking simple.

    Not sure of OBK's deal, but I know entirely why Salem is scured. Think about it. He lives in Salem and had to settle for the short-bus of public universities. Basically everyone is competition for him.
    Daniel Day Lewis the finest actor of our time. We can all agree on this.
  • Re: An Analytical Approach to the Best and Worst Poasters

    I don't know what other alt handles, Grundle has, but Doog Bot is easily the best of them.