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  • Re: Laker Talk

    Lonzo's stat line is really good. 10 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals, 4 blocks, 0 turnovers. He can't shoot but he can play.
  • Is Bernie Sanders running in 2020?

  • Re: Archaeological question for Swaye

    Do you know what tribe this arrowhead would have come from? Guessing Shoshone since this looks like the Yellowstone River in the Park.

    Also, this might be proof that $500 Orvis waders >>>> $500 Sims waders.

    Might be the prettiest woman ever featured on HH
    That's my sister. Be careful.
    Careful? What like wear a condom?
  • No such thing as the off season in the NBA

    Rumor from Bill Simmons, Melo to Thunder.

    If everything went right for that team maybe they could push Golden State? Like Russ becomes a little bit unselfish, PG is happy as the number 2, Melo goes into team USA mode, Steven Adams takes a step, Roberson improves his shot a little bit, they stay healthy and maybe Golden State is a little banged up? Say Draymond is 75% and maybe Steph is 85%? I'm really trying to talk myself into this because I really want to see Russ beat Durant.
  • Re: Official NBA off season thread

    Blazers only have 4 straight playoff appearances, Grizzlies are at 7 and Hawks at 10 which is why I singled out those 2. But Blazers are also a good example.

    All 3 of those teams (and some others) should quit now and become the next generation of tankers now that Sixers/Lakers/Wolves are stating to look up.

    Hawks look like they're going to finally do that after dumping Howard, Millsap, and Hardaway Jr. this offseason and bringing in no one. But neither Grizzlies or Blazers are going anywhere besides the 6-8 seed range for the next few years, and neither will attract free agents. Worst place to be.
    So, yes but also no. The worst place to be is the Kings. Lottery pick after lottery and still not close to being a contender. Being a bottom tier playoff team has positives.

    You look at the best teams and plenty weren't built on tanking. Rockets never tanked. The Warriors were bad but Steph was like the 8th pick or something. Draymond went in the second round. The old Duncan Spurs were a tank job but the current ones are built around Kawhi who they got in a trade for George Hill. Celtics haven't been built from tanking.

    The way to build a contender is to be a good organization and get lucky. That's true whether you tank or not.