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  • Re: Blazer talk

    Great thread.
  • Re: PM to Derek

    Also, if you were funny you'd have a tab open to gay porn.
  • Re: We need to pass the bill so we know what's in it

    Congrats to all the culture warriors here who thought that defeating crooked hillary was worth destroying our Healthcare system, Internet, global respect, and ballooning the debt to finance tax cuts for the rich. You really ruined it for the rest of us.

    Be proud.
    You gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelette.
  • Re: Tax deal

    I don't get hung up on penalizing people for being successful. The amount of taxes paid by high-wage earners that flow to low-income earners, combined with the taxes that low-income earners never pay...I would be more interested in closing loopholes in the tax code. As a principle I don't believe that some rich person should have their income redistributed to me for no reason other than they've accumulated wealth.
    Lol. This has got to be the most impressive trick ever pulled.

    While you run around on the moral high ground, those rich people that you're so desperate to protect are redistributing everyone else's money to themselves.
  • Re: Thanks for repealing net neutrality you worthless fucking whores.

    Get ready to call me names then riddle me this - how in the fuck did the internets get so big and so many people made so much money when there was no net neutrality until 2015 when after several failed attempts to get this vital popular legislation passed failed?

    All of sudden its the most vital issue for our surfing of porn? Not buying it.

    Obama regulation that leftists are willing to blow shit up for is not convincing me. Do better

    Because net neutrality rules were in place. Verizon successfully sued in 2014 because they believed the FCC didn't have authority to force NN. That's when Title II was applied giving the FCC authority.

    HTH. Probably won't.
    They weren't in place in 2014 so that didn't help
    So Verizon sued because there weren't rules in place? Use some logic Race.
    You first

    I linked the history

    What is it you guys don't want to say about what this is really about? You can open up here. No one is reading
    Here Race. Keep in mind this article is from 2012.

    The gist for these debates was a series of decisions beginning in 2002 in which the FCC basically said cable, DSL and wireless were information services — which the FCC doesn’t regulate as stringently — as opposed to a telecommunications service which it does.

    Here's the FCC ruling in 2002.

    Who feeds you this bullshit? Genuinely curious.

    I pasted wiki

    The concept has been around for ever but only in effect since 2015. We survived 20 years with out it

    Why do you want it regulated so bad? Use your own words
    How is this difficult to understand? 2015 was the year the FCC made ISPs Title II carriers. That's the only significance of 2015. The rules stayed the same.

    The regulations are akin to ISPs being unable to touch the data entering my home.

    Why do you want to give Comcast free rein to the last mile?
    There were not rules only drafts before 2015.

    I haven't dealt with comcast since 1999

    I am far more concerned about the government stifling content than comcast. Look at the track record

    I want a free range internet. No regulations let the strong survive
    The mistake you are making is thinking Comcast and the government aren't the same thing.

    You can make up all the bullshit reasons you want to support this. None of them are why it was passed.