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  • Re: Julius Irvin, 4* 2018 DB, Anaheim (Servite), CA (Offered)

    Bout to get cockblocked by Tosh


    Black kids from Orange County always feel right at home in Alabama.
    Just like Samoans from Hawaii
  • Re: Nearly 50% of Millennials Reject Capitalism

    There is no more competition. Amazon, Google, eBay, and Netflix won. Seriously, what business are you going to start that some titan doesn't already have a complete monopoly on

    The people that started those businesses weren't fucking stupid enough to think everything had been invented

    Right, because the fucking internet is going to be invented again.

    How many new major car and oil companies have popped up in the last 50 years that have put a dent in the big boy's wallets?

    Ford, Chevy, Chrysler.

    Exxon, Shell, BP.

    Anymore sound Boomer logic?
    I think the poont is that new industries will be created, not that new companies will challenge established industry leaders. Weed, renewable energy, and hoverboards are still up for grabs.
    Weed has already been monopolized by everyone knowing how to grow it. The government fucked up that cash grab.

    Renewable energy is a joke. My holdings in WNDW hit two weeks ago. Thanks for the 212%, but it's a joke. Our president is balls deep in cole.

    Hoverboards that catch on fire after three hours?

    The internet is already monopolized and the FCC just locked them in.

    Millennials will be the generation that brings it all down by waiting for Baby Boomers to die and swooping their retirement dream homes for pennies on the dollar, shopping at thrift stores and outlets, and buying used cars and driving them until they die. The generation after them are even cheaper.
    Sounds like you should kill yourself
    Or just take a six figure job in a place that is dirt cheap to live and has everything I want in life. I'm 34, debt free, have 10 times in the bank what the average Millennial does and I'll retire a millionaire at 57.

    America is easy if you aren't stuck to overpriced cesspools.
    You're making six figures as an assistant high school football coach?

  • Re: Tyler Hilinski, dead.

    The faux outrage is cute, coming from a bunch of boners who tell everyone to kill themselves every single day.
    That's not faux outrage. This is a legitimate real life issue and has affected me and many other people. Most of the shit on here is funny but making fun of someone who committed suicide is over the line for me. Too far.
    Was making fun of doogs, not him. Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?
    You used him as your punchline. Take the loss, edit the comment, and move on. Don't make light of suicide in any way.
    Fuck off. The guy was a dickhead for doing that to his family. And I can say that, because I personally know someone who did that. It takes a selfish motherfucker to do that generally.
    You need to fuck off. Suicide is not a joke. I know people who have been in that situation. They're not selfish. Jackasses like you are the reason they go there. It's a dark place. You can call it selfish, but you have to understand that they feel that same burn. They're ashamed that that's the choice they feel they have to make. Quit talking like you've been there, done that. Have some fucking empathy. I have friends who have been there and they were the nicest, most selfless people you've ever met. You just don't get it. They feel there is no way out, and they aren't getting taught anything about it. It's hard to get help. People are ashamed. They're basically in a lose-lose situation. Go one way and it just makes it worse, go the other and the same thing happens. There's a reason suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among teens. Please quit being a dick and have some empathy. Please.
    In his dickish way, what I think OBK is trying to say is that suicide among the young is at epidemic proportions - and perhaps the way society currently views it and is combating it isn't working.

    I am not quite as old as @RaceBannon but, in my youth, I honestly do not recall ANY young person taking their own life though I know it happened very rarely. Over the course of the last couple years, I can count multiple occurrences in which acquaintances were touched by suicide.

    I can empathize with the mindset of the deceased - but can't condone the act or somehow hold up the victim as heroic. You said it yourself - "there's a reason suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among teens". Whatever that reason may be, 'talk to someone' or "call 1-800..." doesn't work and needs examination as to why this is now a somewhat accepted method of solving one's problems.

    Despite your anecdotal evidence, suicide rates are down from last century.

    Keeping depression in the closet didn't work.
    The anecdotal evidence makes sense. When the throbber was growing up we *knew* less people than people know now. We are connected to vastly more people than we used to be thanks to Gore and Zuckerberg. So of course we're going to know more people doing scary shit.

    There have been multiple (gratefully) unsuccessful suicide attempts in my family. It sucks ass.

    Ts and Ps to the Helsinkis.
  • Re: But could Eason transfer and start next year?!?

    Play this scenario out beyond college. If people want to bitch about coaches being able to leave whenever they want even when they have a contract! then I guess we should rip up all professional player contracts, too, when their coach leaves or is fired. Whether they are a paid pro or a college amateur it's the same thing in principle.

    I would only support this model if it also allows coaches to cut shit players at the end of each season and have their scholly available for someone else. Could be combined with college athletes getting a stipend salary of some amount and it probably doesn't do anything to harm the big boy programs who can pay more to keep kids on the bench.

    It's not the same thing in principle.

    Pros are paid. College players are not. That's a massively different level of commitment.

    When the NCAA does the right thing and pays players then making them sit out a year to transfer is fine. Until then, this is the right move.
  • Re: eh, asu may be in a bit more trouble than we thought...