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  • Re: WSU Officially Chuntastic!

    So, Kiffen to WSU?
  • Re: Nearly 50% of Millennials Reject Capitalism

    Millennial don't have the baggage you do when it comes to capitalism/socialism/communism. You bought into the government propaganda of capitalism = good, socialism and communism = evil. When they're really they're just economic systems. There is no good or evil.

    Human beings when presented with an argument that they disagree with will fall to the other extreme if the side they disagree with is unwilling to budge. Capitalism is the best economic system anyone has come up with but it's not perfect. Where and when it fails we should be willing to use other methods. Instead you cling desperately to capitalism. Pushing millennials to the other side.


    The very idea that my lifestyle would be more or less the same as some @MikeSeaver - type character is morally offensive.

    Yes, I bought in. Some baggage is good baggage. This happens to be good baggage because it's true.

    There has yet to be a system known to man to eliminate scarcity better than the big Cap. And, as far as I can tell, even though we are wandering into the brave new world of warehouse providers of all we need, the shit that goes into that warehouse is coming from the same places it always has, and is still made with finite resource inputs.

    When we get to the Star Trek point, and have machines that make shit out of thin air, call me and I'll re-evaluate.

    I used to like you AGAG. You've changed man.
    I'm not even really sure what you're objecting to. I said capitalism is the best system. And nothing's changed with me.
    Well someone sure got their signals crossed 'cause Anna left with Dad
  • Re: Nearly 50% of Millennials Reject Capitalism

    Tell them to rent Killing Fields
  • Re: Free Money Tuesday

    Would have been better if he would took the stacks of hundred dollar bills and threw them off a tall building
  • Re: When is the internet going to end again?

    When you wear your #Pussyhat too low, it covers your eyes and you can't see anything. Lower still and it will muffle your screams.