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  • Pod and coming back to KJR

    It's been a busy offseason. New Scout ownership, recruiting, new basketball coach, the spring fling, spring practice. Fetters is getting a well deserved vacation. The Dunkin Donuts near his house might suffer some serious losses for a couple of weeks, but it's for the best.

    From now through late August, the pod will be kind of here and there. We don't have a specific timetable or schedule. We're shooting for about once a month, or hopefully more often, but it's up in the air.

    We're excited to announce we'll be renewing our KJR show. This time it will be pre-recorded and will air Sunday evenings at 11:30 for 45 minutes. So there won't be any call-in segments, but you can email or tweet us questions to either or to fauxdawgman on Twitter. We wanted to have the old call in show we did on Saturday mornings and some weekday evenings, but logistically it just wasn't possible with our schedules. Totally our decision, not KJR's. Rich Moore has been very accommodating.

    Finally just a shout-out to all who attended the Spring Fling. All proceeds went to Young Life, Oral Roberts Scholarship Fund, and the NAMBLA Legal Defamation League.

    Wine of the week: Billy Joe Tolliver's and Kliff Kingsbury's South Texas Pinot Noir. Yup, I'm serious. ;). Vino's has it, but it won't be there forever. They're trying to get it in to Grocery Outlet and Wal-mart, and before you ask, nobody put me up to this.