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  • Re: BRB

    I’m headed to the Oregon bored to ask why Bama’s Hawaiians can win Natty’s while Oregon’s can’t.


    I'm headed to the Washington bored to ask why Washington's Hawaiians can't win anything.

    You kept track?

    Mike makes his first appearance after the Vegas Bowl!
    Apologies. I haven’t been posting as I’ve been deep in the Heart of Dallas for the holidays.

    Is that supposed to be a shot at programs that can win shit tier bowls?
    No, it's shot at programs that can ONLY win STB.

    You need to learn the difference.
    Maybe you should start bantering with Cuog fans. Comparable programs now etc one has a coach and the other has a crystal ball.

    Washington has one major bowl victory in 25 years and that was 17 years ago.

    I expect at least a minor bit self awareness from the truth guardians of the football internets.

    That's probably where I've gone wrong.
    But that 4 loss Purdue squad was a GOOD Football team.
    People forget, (probably because it was so long ago) Oregon played and beat a higher ranked Texas in the Holoday Bowel That year.

    Pretty sure that no one cared then or now particularly Texas
    Right. I said “people forget.”

    Not sure what that has to do with Oregon playing and beating a better team in the post season than Washington did when they won their last big game 17 years ago.

    Winning the conference and a playoff bid was obviously a big deal (was and is to your fan base as well)

    It’s not UW’s fault your school was WAC-level and that SC couldn’t even win their own shit tier division.
  • Re: Blazer talk

    Bloozers Suns underway. Tequilla love it. Baab love it. Everybody love it
  • Re: Tyler Hilinski, dead.

    Doogs claiming he killed himself because he couldn't get into UW and had to settle for WSU in 3..2..1........ @haie
    Not going to touch that one. Fucking incredible what his family is probably going through.
  • Re: Nearly 50% of Millennials Reject Capitalism

    And builders don't need incentives to make money. That's hondo fucking stupid

    He didn't say builders needed incentives to make money. Read his quote again.
    Race just likes to argue for the sake of arguing, and not necessarily because he actually belives what he says.
    I picture Race shaking his fist cussing out the clouds half the day when he's not on here.
    I picture you flipping burgers, phone in one hand while snickering like a fag as you post your next shitty link.
  • Re: Hawt Sark talk

    I bet 81%+ posters here at the very least had high optimism for him. I bet over half thought it was a home run hire because he was coming from Carroll's SC.

    And finally, 3/4 of the posters here didn't give up until some point in 2013.
    You know how I know you weren't a Husky Half Brain?
    I'm talking about the current bored. Not the 3 guys and their 40 handles that were exiled from dwagman