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  • Re: Dylan Morris, 4* 2019 QB, Graham (Graham-Kapowsin), WA (COMMITTED)

    What is RISE? And why is it a big deal?
    There are 2 football academies in the Northwest that we? recruit kids from. One is FSP, run by Tracy Ford, who loves UW (FSP is the academy home of Salvon Ahmed, Jacob Eason, etc).

    The other is RISE, and their fuhrer does not love UW. Tre'Shaun Harrison is from RISE, among others. There are lots of good to elite players in there, and UW does not have a presence in RISE at all. If we? want to land kids like Tre'Shaun Harrison, we? have to have a presence there.

    The in-state class of 2020 (which, as Coker and DDY will tell you, is insane) will have several top-tier members in RISE, and thus having a guy like Morris to talk to these elite recruits will be huge.
  • Re: Kendall Milton, 2020 RB, Clovis (Buchanan), CA (OFFERED)

    I saw his 8th grade highlight film on YouTube a year ago :

    There are probably some other 2020 RB's that are better. He's pretty much just bigger and faster than all of the other kids in that video. He does have a pretty impressive offer sheet, though.

  • Re: New contributors

    I think this jhfstyle24 kid might have some potential, but first, he has to get a better fucking name.
    Second, he should stop pissing off DDY and Coke.
    Third, he should write better poasts.
  • Re: Marquis Spiker, 5* 2018 WR, Murrietta (Valley), CA (COMMITTED)

    Some future teammates already know each other: Spiker, Jones, and Dedich.

    Eh, I don't know about Steven Jones. He keeps pinning his recent offers, which usually means he is waiting for others.
    Once USC, UCLA etc offer I think he won't be a UW lean anymore.

    Dedich seems to be a very likely commit, though... and obviously Spiker as well.

    Our OL class might be really really good, especially if we land Dawson Jaramillo.
    You clearly don't follow wtf is going on in Eugene. We are not getting Dawson. I have great confidence that Chris will fuck up with Dedich. Spiker will be very hard to convert with our fucking mujahid leaving.
    You clearly don't follow anything related to Eugene either. Did you miss this:
    How about this:

    Jaramillo has said multiple times that he loves UW. He has taken several visits. He likes our stuff on twitter. It's at worst a 50-50 battle there.

    Dedich is a very heavy UW lean, has taken several visits, and will likely commit at some point during the summer. Chris Strausser has made landing quality guards/centers look pretty easy recently (see Wattenberg, Luke; Bainivalu, Henry; Kirkland, Jaxson ; Harris, Nick). Besides, what top center who loves everything about a program and is considered a lean wouldn't want to commit to that same team with a 5* QB prospect committed?

    Oh, and Greg Biggins says you should shut the fuck up because Marquis Spiker isn't affected much by Hamdan leaving, and will likely commit anyways.