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  • Re: Petersen/staff can't coach close games

    Its going to take a quarterback with big nuts to make this team a serious contender. The coaches arent inspiring these guys any time soon. They can teach them the fundamentals and the techniques, but being and acting like a winner will never come from these pussies.

    Unfortunately they probably won't even recruit a player like that.
    The Huskies can win with Browning, and here's how:
    Run on first play. Run on second play. Run on the third play. Rinse. Repeat
  • Re: #1 Need for UW Recruiting

    You do realize Malloe is our primary DL recruiter, right?
  • Re: OFFICIAL Huskies-Cardinal Game Thread Sponsored by Mark Emmert

    Where the fuck did that come from and where was it against USC/bama
  • Re: So what do we want?

    UW cannot win the playoff this year. The better scenario is to win out, get left out along with Oklahoma/TCU for Notre Dame, and cause a massive uproar that changes the shitty system.
  • Re: MJ Ale, 3* 2018 OL, Fife HS, WA (COMMITTED)

    All of you bitch and moan when our offensive line sucks and get their asses whooped but when somebody criticizes the coaches for taking a lineman who sucks you turn into a bunch of defensive doog bitches. Do you not see the connection between O-line recruiting and O-line performance? All of you deserve Andrew Kirkland and Jesse Sosebee for your doogishness.
    You can't shit on people for being hypocritical when they're not being hypocritical. Ale is a rare human being. 6'7 and 320 doesn't come around often. Also, as shitty as Sosebee is, he's starting in front of guys like Wattenberg, Bainivalu, and Henry Roberts. If you want to shit on the coaches for something, do it for that. But criticizing OL recruiting because they went after rare talents is stupid.
    If they land Ballz Deep, the zero star OG from Shitville Washington, then you can go at them all you want. The rare talent that the Huskies have recruited that could be playing LG isn't. That's all there is to it right now. If, in 3 years, the line still sucks, then you can go at them. Curne, Ale, and Mele is a really good OL class. That's a ton of potential. The Huskies can't just recruit all 5 star tackles like Cade Mays from Knoxville. This is about as good of a class they could have gotten. Take your stupid, unfounded bitching somewhere else.