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  • Re: A UWDP reminder on stupidity

    The best part is that he got absolutely roasted in the comments. He's written some good pieces, like the one on why this year's team could be considered a failure, but there have also been some laughably bad takes. This is one.
  • Re: Sam Huard, 2021 QB, Burien (Kennedy)

    They also had Jaylahn Tuimoloau LB from EC on the first team, and Antwan Brown DL from Garfield and Julian Simon LB from Lincoln on the second team. That's some serious in state c/o 21 love.
    Pretty sure Coker has been saying for a long time 2020/21 in state is nuts
  • Re: D.J. Johnson, 2017 7* BUCK, Miami (Da U), FL - transferring?

    Some serious fucking doog boners on this board for Tevis Bartlett. It's been so long since some you have seen a real pass rusher play for UW you've forgotten what it looks like.
    Bartlett isn't elite (Kikaha), but he's pretty good (Andrew Hudson). FWIW, Bartlett put up better numbers this year than Littleton did as a senior.
    Didn't Andrew Hudson get like 10.5 sacks his Senior year? Bartlett not on his level either.

    Littleton's stats: 38 tackles, 11 TFL's, 6 sacks
    Bartlett's stats: 34 tackles, 12 TFL's, 4 sacks

    Littleton's stats are better but stats don't tell the whole story. For instance, fucking Psalm had 6 sacks as a Senior and everyone knows he sucked. Memory tells me Littleton got way more QB pressures than Bartlett and was more explosive and more physical and more twitchy which is why he's playing in the league and Tevis won't. We want future NFL players. Not try-hards who are "pretty good" for a try-hard white guy.
    God you are fucking stupid. Comparing Littleton's SENIOR stats to Bartlett's JUNIOR stats.
    I can give you Littleton's Sophomore stats too and they're better than Bartlett's. Bartlett isn't going to be much better next season. He's physically limited. But keep riding his dick though.
    Im hearing that Chris Warren is better than Myles Gaskin.
    @RhythmicSlappingDawg He was before he got too big to play RB.
    I thought you liked big backs? Jesus christ you are fucking retarded.
    I like big backs that can move. I like Bo Scarborough and Saquan Barkley.
    Chris Warren: 227 pounds, 4.5
    Barkley: 229, 4.3
    Scarborough: 236, 4.4

  • Re: With Gaines coming back (!!!!!)

    We are fucked if we can't get Tuli this year or Tuliete next year.
    I'm playing the worlds smallest violin for you.

    Malloe is a Dawg he bled on the field in Husky Stadium and you fucking manlet are gonna shit on for some stiff from Idaho. FoH.

    Here is me not giving two fcks what you thing is smart or dumb.
  • Re: Who could be 5 stars in our class?