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  • Re: Trigger warning for OBK

    OBK if you weren't such a dork id like you
    Fuck you, faggot hikkiw man. I'm a hrk wabstreibg magnet bitch.
  • Re: Tyler Hilinski, dead.

    The faux outrage is cute, coming from a bunch of boners who tell everyone to kill themselves every single day.
    That's not faux outrage. This is a legitimate real life issue and has affected me and many other people. Most of the shit on here is funny but making fun of someone who committed suicide is over the line for me. Too far.
    Was making fun of doogs, not him. Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?
    You used him as your punchline. Take the loss, edit the comment, and move on. Don't make light of suicide in any way.
    Fuck off. The guy was a dickhead for doing that to his family. And I can say that, because I personally know someone who did that. It takes a selfish motherfucker to do that generally.
  • Re: Tyler Hilinski, dead.

    In other news, looks like I'm unintentionally well on my way to having made the most anti-reckt poast in HH history
  • Re: Why 2018 > 2017

    2018 will be better than 2017, 2019 will be better than 2018. We are far from Pete's final vision. Bigger, faster, and better players are coming into the program. HS kids are seeing UW more favorably. We are recruiting against the big boys instead of Cal, Wazzu and Arizona.

    Pete has proven he can develop and win with lightly recruited, non-ideal guys. Now it's about upgrading.
    And yet, if you somehow achieve the mythical success you're after, it's going to be taken away from you. Been there, done that. If success puts you on the radar (you aren't really on the radar yet on the national front) your program will get picked apart by vultures. Your coaches will get poached. Then you'll be in a same boat Oregon is, playing the long game, trying to build a blue blood while faggots attack from every angle, wanting to steal that success and make it their own. Oregon's recruiting class is still ranked higher than yours, even with the recent disasters.
    It’s a completely different school than Oregon, in a completely different location with a completely different history.

    Oregon is Oregon. You’re finally finding out what that really means after latching on some 10 years ago.
    doogs rolling out the tradition and pageantry smack talk like they are Bama or tOSU. You're in the furthest corner of the northwest, bonehead. What advantage do you have there? You're still 10 years behind the 8 ball. Kids grew up thinking the ducks were the shit, building a brand pays dividends. What do you have? One, now irrelevant half natty to your name, from an era where championships were cheap and several buttfucks a year claimed them.
    An elite coach who wants to be stay here.

    Something Oregon has never had.

    Keep telling yourself that. He's from California, not Washington. If he achieves big success, what makes you think the NFL, USC or some other school isn't going to come calling in the future and poach his ass? You really think Washington is a destination job, that being the coach of UW is his highest calling? LOL
  • Re: Why 2018 > 2017

    Fake news, go to espn doog.