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Last Active
  • Re: Name the five white dudes with Swaye

    from left to right, PGOS, Swaye, dflea, dnc, Bitchfork, DeletedUser
  • Re: OBK's Olympic Hottie Medal Finalists, Figure Skating

    Watched some bullshit ski bump n jump event, but the talent pool beat the skaters, quite easily
    this isn't about talent, it's about tits and ass, and who is hottest
  • Re: To the most Corrupt Regime in US History

    , a divider,

    You're going to be hit so hard you'll swallow your own broken teeth, and feel the shards scrape across the lining of your bowels as you shit them out later
    It's a metaphor. The point is, your friends on the left: socialists, communists, "antifa" (anti fascists, what a fucking joke, they're fascists on left, nothing but a goon squad with clubs), the universities, leftist governments in the US and Europe, have been dividing people for years and cracking down on freedom in general. Banning speakers from campuses, fining and jailing people for using wrong gender pronouns, making jokes and criticizing Islam (Canada), conspiring with Merkel (Facebook) to shut down opposition to the open border crowd's disastrous policies, Google/YouTube censoring viewpoints that don't fit within their political agenda. Fuck all yall.
  • Re: Auburn is a measuring stick game

    I could care less about any player doing what they feel is in their best interest of their career ... it is what it is.

    Browning is a terrible UW QB ...

    He got super sensitive about what a bunch of basement dwelling internet tough guys said about him ...

    He was a Babushka player ...

    He has spent time under Smiff who is a real piece of work ...

    He's going to the flash and sizzle of buttfucker ...

    I don't fault him for doing his best ... good on him as I said.

    Browning's full of flash though and the current situation under Pete is going to be a joke sooner than later. My point was simply that a smart UW player would likely not consider UW as the "best possible" job that he could get. That was my point ... had nothing to do with komo.4 per se other than the flash and dumpster fire that it is at this point.
  • Re: Hey obk

    YKW -- You kan't win. You aren't even drunk. No hrk wabstreibgs. No faggot hikkiw men. Get back to the fucking bar, get drunk and try again.