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  • Re: According to many on the left, even the NYT is racist now

    Again with the hungry worker argument. But he's so HUNGRY it would be wrong not to let him in and take 3 jobs from US citizens, or from immigrants already living here. If he wants to work his ass off, he can do it in his own country and make that country better. If his own country doesn't let him, I'm sure he can find an open border alternative to the US. Germany maybe?
    Yes, again. It is a free market. If he can take it, then they're overpaid or don't want it to begin with.

    There should be no economic safety in the accident of where youtr dad humped your mom and where she was 9 mos. later. I'm with Gates on that point. If he's better at, or will do it as well and cheaper, then the job is his.

    No good Republican would ever disagree with that. The labor people got in bed with the religious fundies and overtook my party. The party of Reagan.
    I agree with this from a domestic standpoint. It's free market, and you're free to move within the 50 states to make your way and pursue your goals/dreams. But you're making an international argument, that's where we part ways. Do you keep a portrait of Soros in your study? Were you shaking and about to vomit in ecstacy as Angela Merkel opened the gates and flooded Europe with a bunch of religious fascists for spurious economic reasons?

    If you were born outside the US and are not an American citizen, you have no inborn right to come here, to work here, to live here. We owe you nothing, just like your cuntries owe us nothing. I love Bezos and think he needs to be richer. I'd like to help him by working in that Chinese factory I told you about because I'm HUNGRY. I'm a hard worker and I want to live in Hong Kong. By god they should let me in. If I displace some Chinese workers, so fucking what? It's on them. Are they going to let me in? Hell no. A government is obligated to protect its own citizens' economic interests, not those of foreigners.
  • Re: Myles Jack

    I can't help but respect Brady tremendously.
    Hard to respect someone who deflates his balls and then whines like a little bitch and threatens to go to the Supreme Court when he's caught and punished.

  • Re: Whistleblower Confirms "Secret Society" Meetings Between FBI And DOJ To Undermine Trump



    Fuck off.
    Great, clear, concise commentary as always.
    Maybe you can add something from theblaze to really shore up your argument.
    Is there a single media source you trust?
    Not really.
    Exactly. None are to be trusted and believed verbatim. The point of a free press is that you get to read, listen, watch a broad spectrum. All the time. And with a jaundiced eye.

    This is all basic civics. Who is going to argue the federal model isn’t irreparably broken?
    Except you don't really support a free press. You would prefer the New York Times and Washington Post controlled the narrative with their propaganda. HTFH.
  • Re: Cort Dennison to UO

    Oregon is going to become an SEC school in the PAC 12. It will be back to the days of regular demolition again. Back to the days of national championship games.
  • PM to DoogBot

    Please to be updating your best poaster stats