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  • Re: Tyler Hilinski, dead.

    Well I think it's a damn shame. If he was unhappy transfer to central like everybody else. Seriously a really sad thing to be that alone at that age and think there is no other way.
    suicide is a better option.
  • Re: Oregon Self Reports Steroid Use in S&C Program

    jfc, poasting a twat isnt that hard you fucking retard

    congrats, two more white guys with facial hair to 'get their hands on your players.'

    saw that radcliffe would also start helping with the football team again, ts an ps to your player's ACLs.
  • Re: PM to OBK

    lmao, obk & hondo fightin in the same thread

  • buffalo cucks our? m's

    With the NFL's Buffalo Bills ending their 17-year playoff drought on December 31, 2017, the Mariners now hold the longest playoff drought in all of the four major North American professional sports, having not qualified for the playoffs since 2001.

    jokes on the bills, i just want a cool stadium i can watch a game in, maybe get a tasty microbrew, and watch our national pastime, wins and losses? not so much.
  • Re: Creepy's Thoughts on Crystal

    Why didn’t they just hire Mario before Taggart then?
    And, Taggart had been a coach at USF. That's a lot closer to coaching in the Pac 12 than FIU. And we both know that these ADs get sucked in to the "who's hot" crap like a teenage girl, and Taggart was a relatively sought-after coach at the time.

    My [semi-serious] poont is, who ever really knows about this. I have heard good things about Cristobal for a long time, but that means next to nothing. I just always try and remember with these things how lucky the Trojans got with Pete ... how, despite themselves, he fell into their laps. He was an also-ran failure in the NFL, which of course is more significant than anything Cristobal has to offer, but at the same time NFL coaches flail and fail in the college game all the time.

    My theory, as stupid as it sounds, is that I have no theory. If there is anything good about the guy, you cross your fingers and hope, and that's about all you can ever do. What convinced me of that more than anything wasn't so much that the random guy comes in and is successful, but rather, that superstar coach who left to go somewhere else who couldn't bring the magic. That's why I like Meyer so much. He's one of the few who has been able to do it consistently.

    I know Race used to subscribe to the Jim Tressel theory, formerly known as the Don James theory: super successful head coach at a mid-major or worse program who steps up to the big time with big time resources. I used to buy that one too, until I didn't.
    lmao, this is just, just amazing, A+ effort (effort?) on that comment.

    im literally creating fake accounts to chincredible this more.

    'willie sat further to the front than mario on the short bus.'