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  • Re: Pete not making friends with the FS high schools

    Looks like the weak ass 206 Hoops mentality has infected the local football coaches. Fuck 'em.

    When/who was the last football player of any note from Rainier Beach?!?


    And technically He was a Bball recruit.
  • Re: Cuogs recruiting class 2 loaded

    Cuogs have the worst color scheme and unis ever
    Says the dude who's team wears fucking purple.
  • Re: PM to Damone: I need a ruling

    When the Cascadia fault mega-quake finally grows a fucking pair and smites this area down with a 9+ earthquake and subsequent tsunami that scrubs Washington and Oregon's coastal cities and towns right off the map - we're probably going to get dick in the way of federal dollars with Trump and the GOP holding the purse strings.


    Fuck us.

    Harvey was a case of bad things happening to good people. Every other socioeconomic problem is the result of bad life choices made by bad people.

    So yeah government hand outs for Harvey are alright. Sandy was a different story though because it hit north of the Mason Dixon line in a more godless part of the country. Sandy bailout was also all pork which is why it was OK for conservatives in congress to reject it. Cruz said Harvey will be 100% pork free so no problem there plus the good people of Texas wouldn't waste government money.
    Harvey was a case of small-govt. Texas fucktards refusing to spend money for massive public works projects to mitigate what has become regular flooding in the greater Houston area, but yeah
    Except when you get 40-60 inches of rain, your blessed big government massive pub works project wouldn't have really mitigated much now, would it?
    So you don't understand the meaning of the word mitigate, and you don't know that the Houston area floods regularly. You'd rather pay a lot more to repair damage than take steps to prevent damage, because socialism. The Dutch are laughing at you.
    @BearsWiin can you elaborate what manner of public works projects could have mitigated the disaster in Houston? I'm familiar with how the Dutch keep the sea out, but that's different engineering challenge than 40- 60 inches of rain in a few days. Doesn't seem like you'd ever be able to build enough dykes and pumping stations to handle that amount of water. To me this seems like more of a land use issue - i.e., building homes in 100- 500 year flood plains - vs not spending enough on public works.

    Speaking of flood control, California better figure out their Sacramento delta situation or they are F.U.B.A.R.
    CNN wrote a pretty good article about how Houston's terrible urban planning contributed.
    Fake News! NYT did a thing in the immediate wake of Harvey on how Dutch water engineers are amazed at how poorly Texas handles flooding. Not just Harvey-level flooding, but regular flooding. It's about channeling, diversion, and protecting areas that are regularly threatened. It's not like they don't do it; they do. But they don't do it very well because few Texans want to pay to do it right.
    Any news on Jacksonville's small government fucktardedness that has kept the Messiah aka as big government fucktardedness from saving them?

    Try English next time, assface.
    Better yet, don't bother at all. He's not as clever as he thinks he is
    So ya got nothin' then.
    Who could fucking tell ?

    Go learn English and then come on back, dumbfuck.
    Noone's talking to you, Donkey.
  • Re: Washington State Patrol is hiring

    Noone cares when white female yoga instructors without police records ( see priviliged) are gunned down by police.

    Only when it happens to black males that have wrap sheets 2 blocks long is when the real outrage gets rollin.

    But liberals aren't #conditioned, REALLY they aren't.
  • Re: Yeah I'm out on Trump

    Google needs oversight somehow, someway, it can't be trusted to provide the bulk of the world's info as political as it's become. Europe bent them over and fucked them in ass for anti trust behavior. America needs to do the same.
    Upvoted because Google is probably the most important company in the world right now. There's all sorts of shady shit going on in the web these days. Companies cooperating with the Great Firewall of China. Keeping and sharing data and metadata. And so on.

    And although I disagree with the faggot, that guy who Google shitcanned had no business being shitcanned. People need to engage, not dismiss points of view with which they disagree. Especially a company like Google whose motto is still "Don't be evil" (allegedly).
    This is a MAJOR problem in this country. The inability to say anything without offending someone, and there actually being repercussions from it. A white dude should be able to talk about black on black violence without being called a racist, and plenty of other examples. Or discuss women's predispositions based on biological differences, in this case. The guy didn't say women are fucking worthless, get in the kitchen bitch, or anything even remotely in that plane. Everyone is so fucking sensitive about everything now.

    America: Land of Pussies
    This shit seemed like it started when I was in college. Back then the big deal was not offending anyone. Now we're up to "microaggressions" and shit.

    Now, on the other hand, I think that some people have a point. Talk to any black person about their experiences getting pulled over versus any white person's experiences with the same. But people need to engage those views as well, rather than dismissing them out of hand.
    Dude, agree with you, but we are engaging the shit out of those views, everyday. Just watch any national news broadcast. Racial differences and inequities dominate the news cycle. Unfortunately, it's mostly talking head shows where each panel member gets about 90 seconds to jam in their talking points, and little meaningful information is exchanged. If you have kids in public schools, racial equity is a constant theme of everything from math classes, to music and drama roles, to field trips. It is literally THE MOST talked about subject from dusk 'til dawn throughout the country. That you see some fringe group protesting a statue removal does not indicate a crisis, a movement, or widespread support for their backward views or ideas.

    There are racist fucking pigs and clowns among us. We've always known that and held them in check through social isolation and rejection. But, the Media has advertising clients to please, so blowing shit out of proportion feeds their beasts while causing people to panic and abandon all reason. Truthfully, there's a lot of very smart people on these boards and, in general, smart & wise people aren't racist, because they realize and understand how dumb, self-limiting and self-defeating such views are. Watch MSNBC or CNN right now, and I guarantee they are spreading falsehoods, false equivalencies, or meaningless comparisons to send the clear message that one view is right, the other is wrong, and there is no in-between. Our team vs their team. And anyone who steps into the space between catches truckloads of shit, gets called a traitor, a Nazi, etc. Been there. Done that.
    And the problem persists. See the Philando Castile acquittal. In liberal Minnesota, no less .
    Lots of people get shot by the cops everyday. And many of them aren't justified. But it's nice to see that you've updated your status to media pawn.

    627 people have been shot by the police so far this year.

    135 of them have been black (22%)

    8 unarmed people have been shot by the police so far this year.

    8 of them have been black (100%)
    In conclusion, the fucking cooger is just as stupid as you thought he is.
    Relax dude. Go have a smoke.

    But we all really know that you'd rather smoke some pole.... amiright?