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  • Re: Ivanka. Been hittin the Gym?

    The 1980's called, they want their shoulderpads back

    It's the shoulder pads you noticed, eh???

  • Re: Billy Graham sells the couch

    Lots of people are going to hell in this thread. See you there.
    My aim is to be moar of a classy Hellion.

    New Year

    New Me.

    I'll have a good back table with a space for ya as I'm sure I'll beat you there.
    No bottle service as I'm sure that if you were poor in real life, you're gonna be poor in Hell.
  • Re: Which Huskies were you not excited about that actually panned out?

    How about the Vic Azeem flameout???

  • Re: Which Huskies were you not excited about that actually panned out?

    Keith Price sucked if your standard is winning conference titles or being in the national picture
    A in his prime Keith Price would have beat Penn State, ASU, and Stanford this year as well as USC last year with this team.
    More shit Doogs think for $400 Alex.

    Like Browning, Price was a paper tiger.
    Wrong. Price had one real good year on paper.

    He was a little guy with average mobility, a decent arm, and no pass protection. Ive never seen a QB have to peel himself off the turf more than Price. He played hurt and with the knowledge that he was guaranteed to get hurt more...not every season or every game but virtually every play. Played his ass off too.

    It's doogish but I also believe both 2016 and 2017 UW teams would end up with single losses (playoffs or NC game) with someone as good and tough as Price at QB. He was better than Browning with a far worse surrounding cast and better competition.
    You are correct... It's Doogish to think that.
  • Re: Hey look...actual Russian Collusion...

    doogiebot is against Russian sanctions apparently.

    Makes sense.
    I’m simply willing to let the Executive do his job. He’s got lofty goals I agree with, generally. If people don’t like what he does in another three years and vote him out, so be it.
    “One-term Obama” Mitch McConnell, and trumpanzee birthers day Hello.

    Trump’s first term legislative agenda is done. Other than passing Jeb bush’s Tax bill, and pelosi’s budget & debt limit increase he’s done nothing. At all. Trade? Immigration? Infrastructure? Health care? Nothing. You white trash fools got worked.

    Congress has spring and summer breaks approaching. Then they break for good in September. That fat fucking orangutan is choking on his own lard.

    Lofty goals are going down faster and harder than doogie last night on Capitol Hill.

    If the Democrats win the senate in November, then under McConnell rules, no Supreme Court judge gets approved until after 2020.

    A lot of hate in this one.

    I've found that folks that espouse so much hate geared towards individuals, classes or races of people, usually have something in their own life that they hate about themselves.

    Maybe it's time to look inside @cirhossisdawg for some introspection that may get you on that road to inner peace that you so surely are searching for.