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  • Re: Cowards need not apply

    The good guy with a gun.

    So a trained cop is too scared to fight back but we expect teachers to be able to stop a mass shooter?
    Having teachers pack guns and provide security is beyond FS. Just as having someone who isn't fit to be a hall monitor, as this guy was, provide security and protect kids.

    Each district that has more than 10,000 kids in it, has at least a Million dollars in deadwood salary that they pay to administrators. Incinerate that dead wood and use it to hire police to protect the schools. Just as it's done at every HS here in God's country.
    Well, hallelujah! We agree on something other than our mutual love for our beloved Kewgs.

    Starting with the fact that we're hardly drawing from the best and brightest for these spots to begin with, this isn't exactly the group that you want packing heat.

    I guarantee something would go horribly wrong more than once in the first year alone.

    I would NEVER have let my kids attend any school in which FUCKING TEACHERS have access to fire arms.

    Armed guards? Sure, no problem. Fucking teachers? Get the fuck out with that. So FS.
    Because all you've ever known, obviously, are shitty, lefty-lib teachers. And WSU Profs. Same thing.

    And because we all know Veterans, ex-cops and responsible gun owners never become teachers, never operated guns, never had gun safety or self-defense training, never hunt, and we'd all rather teachers just stand there and get shot instead of having any opportunity to defend themselves or others.

    You're both fucking dumb.

    I want guns at my kids school, to-fucking-day!
    You either don't have kids or they're grown and out of school. When is the last time you've been inside a school?

    And if it has been recent, did you pay attention to the teachers and admins that were there?

    And if you did, where did this practical real-life confidence come from, that they were gonna be the one to lineup and beat back a shooter before the shooter took them out?

    You can take people to the shooting range and twice on Sundays all ya want. But just because they can hit a target at the range doesn't mean they are gonna have the quick, cool it would take to beat back a shooter all of the sudden.

  • Re: Abortion

    If you are against abortion you should be in favor of cheap and easily accessible birth control. If you support abstinence only education you are retarded.
    Contraceptives are cheap and easy to attain. They just need not be given out to HS students. However should be available at bars like a breath mint.
  • Re: Billy Graham sells the couch

    I respected that Graham, at least, tried to maintain an a-political stance as opposed to being completely in the bag for the right- e.g., like Jerry Falwell.
    It's cute that you think this.
    Why does someone who lived their life genuinely righteous 99% of the time shame you?
    We all do. It's what we do in that 1%, when the decisions are hard, when doing the right thing might not be the easy thing, that separate decent people from lousy assholes.

    The man amassed wealth and influence acting as a purveyor of spiritual snake oil, and he laid the groundwork for others, including his own spawn, to use the religious right as a political force for shitty policy over the last four decades.
    Was Billy a charlatan?

    I'm crushed.

    Btw, Salem isn't even close to 99%. Frankly, none of us are. I'll bet Billy wasn't either.
    We're evolved to be cooperative; it conveys a huge survival advantage, and we do it so much that we don't even think about it most of the time. We don't need Christ in our hearts to act nicely to each other.
    But you need something bigger than yourself... No???
  • Re: Which Huskies were you not excited about that actually panned out?

    Keith Price sucked if your standard is winning conference titles or being in the national picture
    A in his prime Keith Price would have beat Penn State, ASU, and Stanford this year as well as USC last year with this team.
    More shit Doogs think for $400 Alex.

    Like Browning, Price was a paper tiger.
  • Re: Guns or Liberty?

    Here is some reality;

    I grew up in about as remote of a place as possible in the US. I'm almost 35 years old. Everyone owned guns, multiple guns. Ever people that didn't care about guns owned guns. There were still gun nuts/hoarders. I was way into gun. I knew every type of gun out there and the specs on it.

    I saw two "assault rifles" in someone's possession my whole upbringing shooting guns on almost a daily basis. No one owned them. Why would they? They are fucking useless to the common man. They aren't nearly as accurate as a bolt gun unless you add so much shit to them they weight 10+lbs. They are useless for hunting birds. The home protection thing is a joke. Give me a Mossberg 590 in close quarters with a normal 8 shot quail load every time. If I miss you lose a limb at best. Then of course a revolver for a side arm. They don't fail. A small number of assault rifles were at gun shows and that was it.

    Fast forward to today and all those broke loggers have more money in their gun safes than they do in everything else they have combined. I say gun safes because most have more than one. Your kid eats free and reduced lunched but you have two Liberty Fat Boys and you tell me you can't afford to go buy a drink?

    I ask them what the fuck they need all these crazy ass guns for and they tell me it's because Obama was going to take their guns away. No one needed or much cared for an AR twenty five years ago now ever mother fucker with a GED and a bad job needs one for every member of the family? Grandstanding about freedom so you can go shoot cans? They use their bolt guns and shotguns to hunt still, like normal people.

    Fox News got too good at scaring stupid white people. That's the long and short of this. Now there are WMD's on every corner and people are using them. Why wouldn't they? You give out opiods like Pez and people abuse them. The same goes for death machines with 50 round magazines.
    Well, to be fair on the point, people collect them, especially antique or otherwise rare models.

    And, people like to shoot all manner of firearms. You don't need a Dirty Harry .44 to do the job, but people like shooting them, so that's that.

    Like anything in life, it's not all about function and rational use. It's a hobby for a lot of people. Nothing at all wrong with that in my view.

    If you're going to take on the issue, you need to take it on with some degree of intellectual honesty. Otherwise, you're just sledoggin' for the left.
    Good message.