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  • Re: Deserves own thread

    It's awesome to be some ironic douche from battleground earning his wsu comm degree while downing Busch. Coog Pride! So fucking awesome, right Harv? On the plus side I'll bet @IrishDawg22 is jealous of the kind if pussy he pulls in.
    If I give you your lunch money back will you be a little less triggered at the sight of anything Cuog?
  • Re: OFFICIAL Washington-Oregon State Game Thread sponsored by Weber Cooks

    Great 1st Half guys. Definitely a playoff team.
  • Re: AZDuck's Considered Opinion on Southern Monuments

    As a son of the South, I took a lot of pride in some of these kinds of monuments as a kid. In particular, there's a monument to Dick Dowling for the Battle of Bolivar Pass which should never be torn down. Defense of Texas from invaders is always a good thing. Also too, the Alamo, San Jacinto, Goliad, the "Come and Take It" flag from Gonzalez (although it's been profaned).

    Likewise, if Virginians like their Robert E. Lee statues, they should be able to keep them. People in Charlottesville didn't like them anymore. It's really nobody else's business at that poont. I'm sure that Lynchburg and plenty of other towns in Virginia are still chock-full of Lee statues and Confederate symbols.

    However, everyone should have a gimlet eye for Southern monuments which were erected as symbols of white supremacy during the Jim Crow period and especially post WW2, when, Southern "heritage" was becoming code for white supremacy and their exponents' and their desire to keep darkie down.

    General Lee himself is a contradictory figure. Owned slaves, did not want Virginia to secede, but when it did, he followed his state. His plantation in Arlington was seized by the Federal government and turned into a war cemetery for Union soldiers, now known as Arlington National Cemetery. Tequilla referenced "Washington and Lee University." The "Lee" is because he served as the university's president after the Civil War, and his management helped prevent the closure of the institution.

    Lee himself did not want Confederate symbology at his funeral, and disapproved of it generally.

    Put another way, there's ONE monument to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in Germany, despite his unquestioned talents as a leader and his opposition to Hitler. That monument is located where Rommel committed suicide rather than face trial by a Nazi kangaroo court.

    And yes, the Rebellion of Treason in Defense of Slavery is roughly akin to Nazism on the good<---->bad spectrum. Anyone saying it was about state's rights needs to read the goddam Confederate constitution or the writings of any secessionists.

    People in whose states and towns Civil War monuments are located can best decide how and whether they should continue to be displayed. If they are displayed, IMO, they should be accompanied with an interpretive plaque describing the role of slavery in the Confederacy, post-Civil War Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights movement which helps to illustrate how the monument came to be.

    TL;DR- if they like their racist monuments, they can keep them

    I agree with most of this. Although I think a very vocal minority takes advantage of todays ultra PC environment by demanding removal of Confederate and Southern icons. And others in power just follow suit as to not be black balled and ridiculed by SJW's as a racist.

    While those in the march were small minded idiots, it's best for everyone if you just let them exist in their own vacuum. Should they have been allowed to march in peace, none of this shit would have happened and they would have been ridiculed as the backward ass racists and idiots that they are. But harmless ones. You aren't going to change these people's minds on race issues. You just hope that they don't breed and pass that shit on. And when you fight them on the street, they are going to do some crazy shit. They have nothing to lose.
  • Re: Can we all agree Jake Browning fucking sucks until proven otherwise?

    Yikes! It was just a comment. Calm down. Nazi class? Fuck off and die in an exploding fireball of mangled Maserati and tree trunks. I generally like your poasts but throwing out the Nazi label is a bit over the top, don't you think?

    Look, I think we all agree that Browning justifiably earned the nicknames Brownshorts and Brownsocks. Hate him, that's fine, but he's going to be the starter at UW. He doesn't have the body to be an NFL quarterback, he's just not big enough or strong enough, and no doubt he has also shown a propensity for panicking when under pressure. Bad traits, factors that will limit the upside of the team. Is there a glimmer of hope? Who knows? Maybe. He is a junior this year, a year older, a little bigger, and hopefully a little tougher. Maybe he's improved. Maybe he hasn't. We'll see. IMO, we're in LIPO mode, and may be there until at least mid season given the pathetic schedule they're playing this year. Until then enjoy your specially modified handicapped rainbow pedo-mobile and chill on the nasty labels. It's unbecoming.
    Your posting history on the Tug strongly correlates with the Nazis that were in Charlottesville.

    I'm not saying you're a Nazi...but you might want to check yourself.
    1) There's no way I would ever look at the fucking tug for long enough to know that.
    2) If you are sensitive about getting called a Nazi on this bored, maybe you should be worried.
    3) If you are the type of fan that can (rightly) make fun of me almost dying in actual reality and I can't *jokingly* call you a Nazi for supporting a shitty white QB, you are the worst kind of Husky fan.
    4) Fucking snowflakes man. IT IS A FUCKING JOKE. CHRIST. This is why nobody likes these Alt-Right Nazi fags.
    I don't know why you quoted me. I agree with you.

    @Southerndawg apparently thinks you hit to close to home though.
    Since you brought it up again, through marriages, my extended family includes jewish folks with ties back to holocaust survivors. The word Nazi evokes a reaction similar to that evoked by other N-Word. Both have no place here IMO, but that's just my opinion, I'm fine with whatever rules the tribe sees fit in here.

    @Dennis_DeYoung is right though. All is good by me. Cheers rainbow pedo-mobile traveller.

    My grandpa was a nazi
    Seriously? Ouch. One of my great uncle's was in the Norwegian underground, and an uncle was a B17 navigator, helping to drop bombs on Deutschland in WW2.
    He got stuck in a Siberian work camp and they didn't release him until like 52.

    Dad's side of the family doesn't like the ruskies. They are cool with the Jews though. Go figure.
    White guilt is skrong here
  • Re: Muslims demand an end to Oktoberfest

    Here's da ting. The Musselmann isn't the issue dude.
    Of course not, It's hate fueled by Western oppression. Before we supported Israel and the Shah and the Saudi's, the moslem world was as peaceful as a babbling brook on a warm Summer day.