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  • Re: why did Obama sell 20% of US strategic reserve of Uranium to Russia?

    You really don't understnad how this shit works, do you
    I’m assuming it was a tit for tat thing. What did the US gain in this deal? Appeasement to Putin to slow his roll in the Ukraine? Less Russian support of the bad guys in Syria?

    Please enlighten the unwashed here.
    It's a fucking Canadian company, and uranium is nothing special. There really is nothing to this story.
    So you’re buying the WaPos cover that WJC never visited Putin and the half mill to the foundation didn’t help Russia win favor from the Obama admin for the approval of the deal. And of course that State had no knowledge of the FBI investigation already ongoing into Bribery by the Russians of the contracted trucking company? Or there’s somehow no culpability to anyone involved because U1 is a Canadian company?
  • Presented without Comment.

  • Re: Washington State Patrol is hiring

    Noone cares when white female yoga instructors without police records ( see priviliged) are gunned down by police.

    Only when it happens to black males that have wrap sheets 2 blocks long is when the real outrage gets rollin.

    But liberals aren't #conditioned, REALLY they aren't.
  • Re: Alright fellas! Here ya go!!

    OSU 2011 or something at the Pig tailgater. OSU lost in like double or triple OT But some damn good debauchery at the tailgate and good scenery in both colors.
  • Re: WSU Republican President James Allsup resigns after attending "United the Right" in Charlottesville

    My Gawd. I wanted to start another thread but figured I'd save the bandwidth. Now on Face the Nation we STILL have this issue dominating the show with the courageous Tim Kaine playing to the base. In the days since Charlottesville there have been many more horrific acts of people towards other people that they don't agree with unfortunately but the media still pumps this.

    I give you Exhibit A as to why we are divided as a country. Its the media and Social media with agendas that keep these things alive when they have already been reflected upon and dissected hundreds of times.

    Just look around you in your community. Despite Races horrific grocery bag ordeal. 99 % of People do get along in mixed races and/or cultures. In fact nowadays if there are everyday conflicts between people of different races and cultures. It's usually do to prejudice fueled by the ignorance created by Media. And it's in my experience brought on by prejudice of young people who now are conditioned to go out of their way to find offense or injustice. I was out last night and came across a conversation about the porta potties being furnished at OSU for eclipsers being painted pink and blue. When I let them know that porta potties have been unisex since their invention and still are they said more or less. BUT STILL!!!

    People need to stop reading and watching news and get out and engage people in their community on say a long walk and get real perspective about how people are relating amongst one another.

    Because when you do, despite the porta pottie debaters, you'll find out that people really do get along. But unfortunately there's no profit to be made from that.