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  • Re: Follow up question for Creepy Bart Kewg on abortion


    You don't axe your lawnboy about a problem with your furnace do ya?

    Why would you axe creep a question about Football?

    It's clear his #wheelhouse is ... Cough, Philosophy garnered from required reading that was done long ago.
  • Re: Stable Genius has a plan to restrict violent movies and video games

    I guess you want more kids to die
    No. He just wants more kids paraded around like Puppets until the door to door weapons seizures commence.

    Liberal basement dwelling fucktards like insinceredawg don't really understand the real world and how that arming schools is really the only defense to protect kids. He thinks that if we ban assault weapons, they all disappear into thin air, never to be seen again.

    Or maybe He isn't that stupid and is just being insincere.
  • Re: Billy Graham sells the couch

    Now this I do disagree with. Putting the coffin in the Capital Rotunda doesn't sit right with me at all.
    How many other dudes have had a personal audience with 11 American presidents?

    Agree or disagree with his message, that's a pretty massive legacy at the presidential level.
    No, that just means we had 11 presidents who liked to dabble in the crazy. NOGAF except the crazies.
    insert dripping irony gif here
    the only drippy thing that's been inserted anywhere in and around you in the last two weeks is Race's cock during the Tax Code Wars.

    Move along. It's Sally's turn on the computer. The adults are talking.
    Coherent thought isn't your strong suit huh?

    Again when the lady with the Medcart comes around this afternoon..... SWALLOWWWW!!!!
  • Re: Abortion

    I hate it when Drug court is slow.
  • Re: Billy Graham sells the couch

    I respected that Graham, at least, tried to maintain an a-political stance as opposed to being completely in the bag for the right- e.g., like Jerry Falwell.
    It's cute that you think this.
    Why does someone who lived their life genuinely righteous 99% of the time shame you?
    We all do. It's what we do in that 1%, when the decisions are hard, when doing the right thing might not be the easy thing, that separate decent people from lousy assholes.

    The man amassed wealth and influence acting as a purveyor of spiritual snake oil, and he laid the groundwork for others, including his own spawn, to use the religious right as a political force for shitty policy over the last four decades.
    Was Billy a charlatan?

    I'm crushed.

    Btw, Salem isn't even close to 99%. Frankly, none of us are. I'll bet Billy wasn't either.
    We're evolved to be cooperative; it conveys a huge survival advantage, and we do it so much that we don't even think about it most of the time. We don't need Christ in our hearts to act nicely to each other.
    But you need something bigger than yourself... No???
    My DNA needs to survive, thrive, and reproduce. Cooperation conveys a huge survival advantage, so my self-interested impulses need to be channeled within the larger cooperative context; morality arises from our need to cooperate. "Needing" something bigger than myself is merely a shell program on top of the basic instructions, in order to help me survive in the cooperative social environment and propel my DNA into the future. To my mind, it's waay cooler to understnad that my DNA is the result of 3.5 billion years of trial and error in a changing and usually hostile natural environment, rather than that there's some omnipotent bearded guy in the sky who gives a shit about how many times I've had filthy thoughts about Dana Delany.

    Chinteresting... so natural selection. the tribal collective and opposable thumbs. However your ancestors worshipped something and/or somebody besides the bearded Zeus in the Sky throughout their history. All of our ancestors did. For some it did bring peace. For others bondage as it was twisted by man himself.

    Look I don't buy the bearded guy story myself. But I feel the creator of the Universe is a thing and the peace that it brings to the created comes in many forms. And to deny that is pretty short sighted imo. While your DNA is the result of evolution, It was indeed created by something.
    As Hitchens used to say, religion is humanity's first attempt to make sense of the larger world, and because it was the first, it was the worst. People who were technologically and organizationally primitive and who didn't know much about how the world works outside of their own limited environment and experiences used their limited abilities of pattern-recognition to conjure up frameworks whereby they could improve their outcomes. Those frameworks were drawn from their own experiences (Indians had their cobra god, Egyptians had Ra and their crocodile god, and the Norse had the Fenris Wolf), and they set about trying to figure out what they could do that would please these deities, so that those deities would give them good fortune. Lo and behold, what works, in terms of social order, is cooperative behavior that had already evolved in us. So they codified their pre-existing cooperative behavior into their sets of social rules, slapped some cool creation myths and stories along with it, and voila, they got religion and all the non-evidentiary dogma that goes with it. As far a the Judeo-Christian framework is concerned, look at any thou shalt not in the Commandments or any deadly sin, and you can make an argument that it's an attempt to promote tribal cooperation and limit discord, which can be detrimental or fatal to the collective. The acts aren't evil or sinful in themselves; they're manifestations of the natural individual desire to act in one's own self-interest. What makes them evil or sinful is the context in which we want to exercise those impulses.
    So it's the rules that are imposed by Judeo/Christian religions that you have the main problem with. And that breaking some of the Commandments doesn't necessary make you a bad guy. Some of that I agree with in context. But really most of what you're saying is I shall plunder and take whatever I want and some fake deity will never make me feel bad for doing so. But all throughout history it's been more the tribal leaders that dictate what you can and can't do and were the ones you had to answer to and dictated what you had. And individuality and freedom to do what you want, when you want, weren't real common place in less you were at the top of the food chain. And the leaders religion molded some of that I agree. But the ability for the common man to do what He wanted when He wanted is a new thing. So to say that religion, chiefly is what holds people in a sort of bondage to the tribal elders doesn't hold water for me.

    But it's not just religion that teaches or dictates what's right or wrong or what brings peace to oneself at the end of one's day. We all have a soul that is guided by who and what we covet. Most people want to live their life so that they can sleep well at night. But during the course of that day you may have to do some things that you're not proud of to survive or move forward. There is an innate sense of right or wrong in most peoples. It wasn't formed by their surroundings or the religion that is told they should follow. It's built into them. It's what separates Humans. It's what help them find the balance. And in this world today, it has becomes less commonplace. Life doesn't have the value that it used to in this Country. Is it because of the things people have to do to survive? In some parts of the world maybe. But in this Country... not at all, I'd say it's more that people have lost their way spiritually. The spirituality that was installed at birth in every single one of us but gets slowly stripped away as the years roll on if not nurtured.