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  • Re: I feel bad for you doogs

    How is this a thread? We have Petersen and you have Herm Edwards.
  • Who is the most wrong about football on Hardcore Husky?

    WeakarmCobrahaieSpoonieLuv[Deleted User]Del_GriffithTierbsHsotBoobsBallzDeepNeGgaPlEaSe[Deleted User]RubberfistRDR
  • Re: Who is the most wrong about football on Hardcore Husky?

    Fuck you you stupid ignorant fuck ...

    I don’t give 2 shits about the stars next to a kid’s name and I don’t typically watch video of a kid until either he commits or they sign their LOI
    FUCK OFF @dnc

    I never said that we should fire Lake ... I said that it’s possible that a world could exist where he has been compromised and as such it could force difficult discussions and decisions to potentially mitigate in the future.

    It’s why there are others than myself that have suggested that having a potential replacement for Lake on staff (ie Gerald Alexander) could help to mitigate some of the negative recruiting that Lake was facing.

    Thinking forward regarding potential risks and opportunities is flat out smart. Sitting back with the logic that Jimmy Lake is a god and I’m going to stick my head in the sand to what’s potentially going is purely reactionary.

    Why do you think we made such a big public deal about Lake staying? Purely random I’m sure.
    dncWeakarmCobrahaieguntlove[Deleted User]GrundleStiltzkinTierbsHsotBoobsdoogvilleRDRNeGgaPlEaSe[Deleted User]RoadDawg55DoogCourics
  • Re: Hopkins Conspiracy Theory

    Mike Hopkins to the Seattle storm! Hardy har har. Fucking dweeb round here now. That's what happens when you invite too many dawgmen over. Close the fucking gates Derek
  • Re: PM to Mike Hopkins

    I moved here from California in 2007 and was looking for a nice 3 BD, 2 BA house in Renton. After hearing about Mr. Grinolds from some co-workers, I called him up. We met at Starbucks over a banana, and I knew after about 5 minutes of talking with Mr. Grinolds that he lived up to his reputation as being very knowledge-able and experienced.

    After a few showings, I found the house of my dreams in Renton, near my job. I had a few doubts before offering, mostly regarding my unease the market. I was wary, but Mr. Grinolds assured me that the housing market is only going to continue going up and in about 5 years I should be able to see a 50% increase in value on my house. Awesome, a real estate agent who has the market dialed in!

    A few months later after a successful purchase, the bubble burst and I lost everything. I was angry at first, but Mr. Grinolds calmed me down and I now know that his assurance that the market going up was only what he was hearing. Clearly I needed to learn the difference. Despite living on the streets of Kent and using Starbucks wifi to write this review, I learned a valuable lesson thanks to Mr. Grinolds. I would recommend him to anyone.

    - Alex Ossai (Bought a home with Kim Grinolds in 2007 in Seattle, WA)